Why should you outsource your IT Services ?

Why Outsource ?

Maybe you shouldn’t,  at what point and for what reasons does it make sense ?
      In-House Workload of existing personnel
      Time-Critical operation that needs to be completed now.
         One-Time or Short-Term increase during large desktop migration/rotation, wiring, Server swap ?
      Have a Third-Party overlook your current disaster recovery/infrastructure/Security plans.
  Additional Knowledge or experience that in-house personnel cannot provide.

Optimize your work/data flow.
  Are you utilizing the software and equipment you have to it’s full potential ?  
   Many companies have an SBS server,  and use it only for a file server.
     Host your Own mail.
         Allow secure access to your Smart Phones/travelling clients – seamlessly.
         PUSH e-mail.
         With or without external filtering.
     Host your Own website – rarely a good idea – only if traffic/bw/server exposure make sense.
   Never forget backups/disaster recovery.        

  One place for all your logins/passwords
  Kept Up to date
  Time Consuming
  Absolutely necessary to save you time/money if/when disaster occurrs.

  Not Doing it ?
  Think Your Doing it Right ?
  Test your backups.
  What would you have to do to recover from disaster.
  Tape / Disk

  Slow Machines ?
  Identify Problems with Servers/Hardware before they occur.

Anti-Virus,  Malware
  All-In-One corporate solutions
    Multiple to choose one.  Absolutely critical.
       If you don’t use anything.. we can almost gurantee your already infected.
  Clean-Up process
    Ever evolving, as are the methods, number and cleverness of the attacks.
    We keep up-to-date because,  we have to.
    Save yourself hours of time by utilizing maintenance/Corporate wide AV solutions w/reports

Anti-Spam / E-Mail Filtering / Smart Filtering / White-Listing and Blacklisting
  Corporate Filtering

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