Telephony and VoIP

VoIP is fast growing market in the fast moving world of communications.  Chances are if you don’t have VoIP or a VoIP enabled system now,  you soon will.   There are a multitude of vendors, technologies and systems to help you get the greatest benefit from a IP enabled phone system.  VoIP gives you increased flexibility and mobility,  increased productivity, ease of use and management,  and features previously only found in very large corporate PBX systems.

If you have an existing analog, VoIP,   Hybrid VoIP or PBX system that you require support on, we can help. If you are looking to replace an existing system and find a path to the future that doesn’t leave you stranded with legacy technology, give us a call today.

We support a wide variety of manufacturers and platforms,  and can provide contacts for local, knowledgeable 3rd party representatives where needed.