Offsite Backup Services

bigstock-data-protection-concept-21650651ITSS Data Vault backup services provide security and protection for your your critical data.   Scheduled backups provide a hands-off approach that give you peace of mind that your data is being backed up offsite and safe in the case of hardware malfunction,  natural disaster or theft.

bigstock-beautiful-defined-tornado-in-a-33894917Pricing tiers make it convenient and affordable for any sized business.  Initial Sync can be done onsite and carried to our facility for the initial download saving you time, bandwidth and productivity due to slow access that is seen during the initial sync with other providers.

Backup monitoring services optionally alert you and our staff to missed or failed backups  so steps can be taken immediately to insure your data stays protected.bigstock-thief-stealing-a-laptop-comput-53815438

Our facility is in the Oklahoma City Metro area,  so should the need arise for you to recover large amounts of data,  you won’t be waiting days or weeks for your data to download from ‘the cloud’,   we can bring it over to you within a few hours in most circumstances.