Hosted Services

ITSS provides a variety of hosted services.  Below are just some of the hosted service we office.  Please visit the pages in the menu above under hosted service for more information

Web and E-Mail Hosting

  • Hosting Platforms : cPanel, Linux (with SSH), and Microsoft shared hosting options available.
  • Databases: MySQL, Microsoft MS SQL, PostgreSQL
  • E-Mail : Exchange,  IMAP and POP hosting available
  • Shared and Virtual Hosting Available for any of the above

E-Mail Scan and Forward – SPAM and Viruses are an ever increasing thread for every business.  For those who host their own mail server in-house, keeping up with they daily changes and updates for Anti-SPAM and Anti-Virus solutions are not tenable.  Utilize our constantly updated database of known spam and heuristic anti-spam and anti-virus services to help keep your mailbox SPAM and Virus free.   In addition,  should there be an outage at your location,  our E-Mail Scan and Forward service provides the added benefit of queuing your e-mail on our side until your in-house server becomes available.

Collocation Services – Have a heavy traffic web site,  e-mail, or the need for other centralized hosted equipment ? We have a wide variety of speeds,  space and options available to meet your needs.

Virtualization Services – Looking to move a Workstation or Server VM from your current host, a current hyper-visor or a physical host to a virtual location ?  Give us a call, we support VMWare, MS Hyper-visor and RHEL/OVirt enterprise virtualization managers.   In addition to hosted services,  we provide onsite assistance with migration to various Hyper-visor’s as well.