MS announces an update to the Windows 8.1 Update !

The Windows 8.1 update made windows 8.1 a little more user friendly,  giving us a start button back (even if it lacked an actual functional start menu to go with it),  along with the ability to boot to desktop and get quickly back to the desktop when forced to the Metro interface.  Now windows has officially announced an update for the windows 8.1 update.  Microsoft is calling it the ‘Windows 8.1 Spring Update’ — because — yeah,  no idea,    I guess Windows 8.11 harkened to much back to Windows 3.11 for workgroups,  a popular/functional OS ?  (I think most techies around then would agree that windows 3.11 was finally the first really usable version of windows 1,2 or 3 and that given it’s lifespan and widespread adoption — windows 8.11 could have benefited from that comparison … but I digress). 

The focus (thank goodness) of this update appears to be on improvement for non-touch devices.  Microsoft has finally decided that they should provide an OS that works for the 97% of their base who don’t have (and or don’t want to use) a touch screen as their primary input device.   They have therefore added improvements and changes that actually make the OS useful for ‘the rest of us’!   The other major changes will also lower the space and memory requirements to run windows 8.1,  bringing the OS requirements within range of a much wider audience.

Since SP2 usually marks the point where a MS product is stable (in my opinion),  I guess we’ll wait to see if Windows 8,  + 8.1 update,  + Spring Update = a SP2 level product,  or if we’ll still be waiting for an OS on which we can be productive and feel comfortable recommending adoption by our clients,  family and friends.   Right now I highly recommend Windows 8 with no updates to all of our competitors 🙂

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