Jim Archie

balonWe have relied upon IT Service Station to solve our toughest IT challenges since 2000. Brady and Chris are extremely knowledgeable and more than willing to go the extra mile to see that things are done right. I am certainly glad that we have such a quality provider of IT solutions here in Oklahoma City.

Clif Gooding

goodingfirm“I can’t imagine having to operate our firm without the assurance that ITSS has our back. We have the utmost confidence in their well trained staff of professionals to handle all of our IT solutions. I can tell you as a firm that handles more bankruptcy cases than any other firm in the state, it gives me great confidence to know the data we have is safe, secure and protected. Whenever I have  an issue or a concern it is a phone call away and a prompt response always follows. I don’t worry about our firm’s security or structure because of ITSS. My highest recommendations go to ITSS and their entire staff.”

Richard Hill

edensalonWe have been a client since 1995 and the guys at ITSS have always come through for us. I wouldn’t change from this support company for anything.

Patrick Berry

Can not say enough good things about ITSS, they provide around the clock monitoring of our Server and PC’s realizing problems way before we do. We have recently gone to offline back up and it’s removed MAJOR STRESS when the weather turns bad or we have power interruptions. Their knowledge and expertise in handling our ERP manufacturing software and hardware has saved us time and money, really appreciate their honesty more than anything to. 

Polly Nichols

carts__parts_emblem_smallerITSS has always taken care of us in a timely, cost efficient manner.  They are less expensive than other IT companies, and they require no contract.  We feel comfortable that they are honest, reputable, and actually care about us as a small company.  We find them to be friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, and trust them with access to our most sensitive information.  Their associates always seem to understand our issues and are able to provide a simplistic solution, with the least amount of inconvenience.

Connie, MSSI

mssi“Our company is fortunate to have found Brady and Chris at IT Service Station!  Since 2008, ITSS, who built our company’s computer network of Diagnostic Imaging Facilities in multiple states, continues to support and maintain our systems to provide 99.9% uptime.  These “IT Guys” come highly recommended!”

Medical Support Systems, Inc.

mssiOur company’s success is reliant upon honest, qualified staff, contractors, and consultants.  ITSS, one of our primary contractor’s, has exceeded our expectations in IT Services for over 6 years, by providing our company’s website & hosting, online databases, company email, HIPAA compliance & security, medical imaging equipment repair, remote and emergency software support.  We are fortunate to have an IT company that we can rely on and we look forward to a prosperous and mutually beneficial business relationship in the years to come!

Texoma Destinations

texomadestinationsWe’ve been using ITSS for 7 years and they have always been there when we needed them.   They support our POS systems, multiple web sites and networks at multiple locations and have always been superb.

Microsoft and Europol Working to Disrupt ZeroAccess Botnet

Europol and Microsoft are cooperating in an attempt to cut off the command and control center servers for one of the longest standing and most prolific Click-Fraud Botnets – ZeroAccess.    Since it appeared in 2009,  the associated malware variants have purportedly infected and connected more 2 million PC’s to this network.  Although this won’t clean those infected PC’s,  cutting off the communication between the command and control servers and those PC’s means they will no longer be able to download instructions and should cease wreaking additional havoc.    It remains to be seen how effective this attempt will be,  as thus far the botnet appears to be withstanding the assault against it.

Full Article : http://krebsonsecurity.com/2013/12/zeroaccess-botnet-down-but-not-out/

Why should you outsource your IT Services ?

Why Outsource ?

Maybe you shouldn’t,  at what point and for what reasons does it make sense ?
      In-House Workload of existing personnel
      Time-Critical operation that needs to be completed now.
         One-Time or Short-Term increase during large desktop migration/rotation, wiring, Server swap ?
      Have a Third-Party overlook your current disaster recovery/infrastructure/Security plans.
  Additional Knowledge or experience that in-house personnel cannot provide.

Optimize your work/data flow.
  Are you utilizing the software and equipment you have to it’s full potential ?  
   Many companies have an SBS server,  and use it only for a file server.
     Host your Own mail.
         Allow secure access to your Smart Phones/travelling clients – seamlessly.
         PUSH e-mail.
         With or without external filtering.
     Host your Own website – rarely a good idea – only if traffic/bw/server exposure make sense.
   Never forget backups/disaster recovery.        

  One place for all your logins/passwords
  Kept Up to date
  Time Consuming
  Absolutely necessary to save you time/money if/when disaster occurrs.

  Not Doing it ?
  Think Your Doing it Right ?
  Test your backups.
  What would you have to do to recover from disaster.
  Tape / Disk

  Slow Machines ?
  Identify Problems with Servers/Hardware before they occur.

Anti-Virus,  Malware
  All-In-One corporate solutions
    Multiple to choose one.  Absolutely critical.
       If you don’t use anything.. we can almost gurantee your already infected.
  Clean-Up process
    Ever evolving, as are the methods, number and cleverness of the attacks.
    We keep up-to-date because,  we have to.
    Save yourself hours of time by utilizing maintenance/Corporate wide AV solutions w/reports

Anti-Spam / E-Mail Filtering / Smart Filtering / White-Listing and Blacklisting
  Corporate Filtering

Our Partnerships